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New Age combines leading edge AI technologies, with their long history of business process automation, to immediately bring value to any business process automation initiative.

Automation and AI offer unprecedented opportunities to innovate. AI driven platforms enables customers to tap into this power with industry-leading AI-powered enterprise automation technology. New Age uses this AI technology to help clients launch their business transformation journey at their own speed.

Our rich history of business process automation, coupled with best of breed AI technologies that we employ, allow our consultants to bring value to any AI project from the onset. From Discovery to Operate, New Age Technology can help!


Experts who you can rely on!


Identify the highest-ROI opportunities for continuous process optimization and automation using the power of AI.

Process mining

See the big process picture

Cut the guesswork with a data-driven analysis of your end-to-end processes to uncover new possibilities.

Find bottlenecks. Make breakthroughs.

Visualize your processes to zero in on inefficiencies and trouble spots, and what they’re costing you.

Future-proof your business processes.

Uncover the best automation opportunities and identify their ROI potential and KPI impact.

Task mining

Discover how work gets done

Generate a data-driven picture of the current state of your tasks.

Bring humans into the loop

Have the power to gain deeper insights into your ways of working—and how to work better.

Turn ideas into improvements

Remove redundancies, increase efficiencies, and streamline tasks end-to-end for higher ROI.

Communications mining

Cut the waste, boost productivity

Identify and cut wasteful service processes while supercharging productivity through automated communications.

Give CX an upgrade

Uncover what customers really want and troubleshoot problem areas.

Tap into the value of communications

Identify areas for quick, valuable growth with AI-powered analysis.

Idea capture and management

Collect, manage, and prioritize the best ideas

Track everything in one place with end-to-end visibility and control—and prioritize idea deployment based on your KPIs.

Implement breakthroughs, faster

Accelerate the conversion of great ideas into better ways of doing business across SMEs, developers, and the CoE.

Simplify reporting

Track meaningful metrics and visualize the performance of your automation program.


Rapidly build AI-powered automation that seamlessly collaborates with people and systems to transform every facet of work.

UI and API automation

Leave no system or app behind

Create new automations with prebuilt, best-in-in-class API connectors—or build your own for your unique systems.

Think bigger than iPaaS

Simplify the way you plan and build automations with one design canvas and a single platform.

Turn lines of business into automation powerhouses

Build complex UI automations faster with pre-built components, activities, triggers, and templates.

Low-code development

Keep it all connected

Reimagine workflows and interfaces so you can reinvent the way you do business—without replacing your software stack.

Realize ROI faster

Hundreds of prebuilt automations, apps, and templates accelerate your time-to-value.

Automate everywhere

Deploy automation wherever work gets done—on the desktop, on mobile, or in an app.

Generative AI and experiences

Supercharge developer productivity

Simplify automation development and use with a semantic interface.

Start fast with product and model augmentation

Kickstart automation development with 70+ prebuilt models and tackle more use cases with integrated GPT capabilities.

Expand your range of use cases with Generative AI

Integrate Generative AI to expand automation’s impact and address a broader range of business challenges.

Intelligent document processing & specialized AI

Turn up productivity

Automate highly manual cognitive tasks to save time and costs

Ensure high accuracy

Reduce errors, mitigate risk, and streamline compliance.

Thrill every customer, supercharge every employee’s productivity

Deliver better customer experiences and empower people to work better, smarter.

Process orchestration

Automate cross-functional, big-ROI processes

Transform the processes that span business units and require robot-to-people handoffs.

Improve visibility, maintain control

Get a consolidated view of long-running-workflows and robot logs from start to finish.

Automate more, and adapt as needed

Expand your automation program with seamless human/robot collaboration on a single platform.


Establish an enterprise-grade foundation to run and optimize a ​mission-critical automation program at high scale.

Real-time and trend analytics

Track KPIs across your automation program

Create custom dashboards from prebuilt templates to analyze performance—including visualizations of trends.

Track automation KPIs against business strategy

Create custom measures to track and analyze automations and benchmark performance over time.

Keep stakeholders up-to-date on automation performance

Share automation performance metrics with stakeholders and issue custom alerts on critical events and milestones.

Continuous testing

Generate precise and thorough test plans

Accelerate test planning with change impact analysis, interactive heatmaps, and Gen AI test case authoring.

Automate more—faster

Effortlessly automate, execute, and manage tests across virtually any technology without worrying about speed.

Deploy with confidence

Detect and resolve automation glitches at lightning speed before they hit production.

Unified management and governance

A unified platform experience

A single pane of glass offers a unified experience across the platform, so you can manage everything from one place.

Powerful and configurable

Manage every setting and match the right users with the right tools and the right permissions.

Lower TCO, faster time-to-value

Achieve higher ROI and a lower TCO—with a choice of cloud-based or on-prem deployment.

Cloud-first flexibility

Got a minute? Get started with SaaS

Start instantly, scale infinitely and stay secure while accelerating automation ROI.

Can’t run SaaS solutions in your environment? We’ve got you covered.

Our Automation Suite lets you self-host for data isolation or regulatory compliance needs. 

Every business deserves to automate. We let you choose how.

Our integrated platform plugs into your business securely and seamlessly—whether you choose SaaS or need to self-host.


Document management

Document management controls the life cycle of documents in your organization — how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. Although the term “management” implies that information is controlled from the top of the organization, an effective document management system should reflect the culture of the organization that uses it. New Age has the right tools that make your documents flexible enough to enable you to tightly control a document’s life cycle, if that fits your enterprise’s culture and goals, but also to let you implement a more loosely structured system, if that better suits your enterprise.


What People Are Saying

"New Age Technology delivered on their commitment to coming in and quickly adding value to Masco’s efforts to optimize its Enterpriseone software. New Age provided knowledgeable resources and ran their projects efficiently, providing Masco with measurable improvements in operational efficiencies."      


"New Age Technology assisted MacDon with automating our advanced warehouse management applications to accommodate a newly built warehouse. They brought a wealth of knowledge to the table, which greatly helped implementing the solution on-time and done right."

Tony Akinseye

"All of the projects that New Age Technology completed for us were; professionally planned, and executed by knowledgeable professionals. New Age provides an exceptional level of customer service and value, consistently meeting or exceeding our expectations."

“The custom CNC and AS400 support package that we maintain with New Age allows us to provide continuous system wide availability to our user community, freeing up internal resources to work on other business critical tasks."


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